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Presentation in English

The company "UZTEX HOME" is part of the group of companies "UZTEX GROUP", which is a leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of textile products in the CIS countries.

The history of “UZTEX GROUP” began in 2009, wheшn the first factory for the production of colored canvas UZTEX CHIRCHIK was launched.  Today, the group of companies includes twelve textile industries.

The production facilities of "UZTEX GROUP" allow to manufacture the whole range of textile products from cotton: all types of dyed yarn, gray and dyed fabric, ready-made knitwear, hosiery, terry products.

The production capacity of the enterprises of "UZTEX GROUP" per year is more than 45,000 tons of different types of yarn, and from them are further produced: 18,000 tons - dyed yarn, 12,000 tons - gray knitted fabric, 7,000 tons - dyed knitted fabric, 2,500 tons -  fabrics and canvas with rotary printing.  20 million pieces - ready-made knitwear, 70 million pairs - hosiery, 12 million pieces - terry products and 3000 tons of dyed cotton fiber.

The full technological cycle includes all stages of production - from cleaning and preparation of cotton fiber, making yarn and linen to sewing, marking and finishing packaging of finished garments from cut knitwear.  The production facilities of UZTEX GROUP allow us to develop large orders in the shortest possible time, consistently maintain a high level of product quality that meets the requirements of the most demanding customers.  Access to 100% natural raw materials in Uzbekistan, advanced production technologies and the most modern equipment allow us to produce absolutely environmentally friendly products that are so necessary and in demand all over the world today.

Our customers - large network operators in the fashion retail market - receive products that fully meet the requirements of branded retail.

The enterprises of "UZTEX GROUP" have laboratory testing equipment from leading European manufacturers.  The yarn is tested and tested for breaking loads on modern equipment from USTER (Switzerland).  In the production and dyeing of the fabric, the most modern testing technologies are used, which allow to carry out tests for color fastness at 50 times the load, including washing and ironing, as well as testing products for resistance to ultraviolet radiation and wear.  The undoubted quality of the yarn is confirmed by international certificates: USTERIZED, Oeko-Tex standard 100, ISO 9001: 2008 (Switzerland).

The Swiss Institute HOHENSTEIN, after a technological audit, gave a positive opinion on UZTEX products, and the company was joined to the international community of manufacturers who use only environmentally friendly and safe materials that meet the high European requirements reflected in the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100. Now the products of enterprises  UZTEX is certified for this class 1 standard.

The company "UZTEX GROUP" exports its products to 45 countries of the world, in particular the EU, CIS, USA, China, Japan, South Korea and many others.  This means that our products meet the highest standards, their environmental friendliness, wide assortment, the highest quality yarns and fabrics, as well as modern product design.  This approach to production allows us to expand the geography of our company's success over the years.

 Our clients, represented by such well-known brands as: "Sportmaster", "Ostin", "Modis", "Zolla", "Korablik", "Funday", "Oodji", "Kasper", "Lady & Gentleman" - Russia  ;  Wall Mart - USA;  "Omsa", "Golden Lady", "MINIMI", "Proxima" - Italy;  "LC WAIKIKI", "KOTON" - all our partners give the highest rating to our products and service.

The current stage of the UZTEX GROUP's work is the creation and implementation of a new long-term concept - "An environmentally friendly and economical product for the masses."  Access to 100% natural raw materials in Uzbekistan and the most modern equipment, as well as advanced production technologies allow producing absolutely environmentally friendly products that are so necessary and in demand all over the world today.  The business strategy of the UZTEX group of companies and the high professionalism of its employees make it possible to produce high quality products, which at a price remain very economical and affordable for the widest layers of the population.

The company "UZTEX GROUP" deeply understands the importance and value of human resources, conducts a socially oriented policy.  Today the professional team of “UZTEX GROUP” enterprises numbers more than 10,000 specialists and production workers.  The enterprises have implemented a system of continuous training and certification of personnel, with the involvement of leading specialists in the textile industry from India, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Germany.  The level of motivation is maintained by high standards of corporate culture.

"UZTEX GROUP" is the first and only textile company in the CIS countries, which not only passed the BSCI certification, but also received the highest absolute category A according to this international standard.

One of the most important principles of the company "UZTEX GROUP" is a contribution to the development of society and the state, support for education, culture and sports, the implementation of charitable and sponsorship programs.

The Company's management strives to maintain mutually beneficial cooperation with regional authorities and local communities, educational institutions of the city, sports organizations, employment and social support centers.